My Facebook hobby art group

If you want to please come and join my group. You can share your work, tips and tutorials here. We can learn together. I am a hobby artist. I draw for fun.


Maine Coone cat

Current progress on this coloured pencil drawing. I have drawn it once before. It didn’t turn out great so I’m drawing it again in a different medium. My first drawing of this can be viewed in my portfolio and in my media files. I drew it with watercolour pencils and soft pastels but I chose the wrong surface to draw it on.


I am working my way through these projects and drawings now

He’s right.

How can these people think that a love of horses and the countryside equates with ripping living, feeling animals apart with a large pack of hounds. It’s disgusting. Total abhorrent and sickening. That’s why it’s in the psychiatrists dmv manual as an unnatural interest. Taking pleasure in the suffering of wild animals. No one would support this if they doing this to domestic pets like rabbits, ferrets, cats, dogs so why do they think it’s acceptable to do this to foxes? Not to mention the other activities that are connected to fox-hunting like hare coursing and hunting stags with hounds.

New request

Have another request to do a drawing for an Instagram follower. I am going to try to draw this dog in the future. I am just a hobby artist. Not a professional artist. I’ll do my best to draw this puppy for her owner after I’ve finished drawing the cat in coloured pencils that I’m currently drawing.